America Stands Tall
America Stands Tall

All of America has united after the terrible terrorist attack on our wonderful country on September 11, 2001. In fact, many other countries felt the pain and emotions that have swept across The United States of America.

On April 20, 2002 I added a gallery of photos from the Towers of Light. A view from Jersey City, NJ. I also added the David Frank Survivor Story. On December 14, 2001 I added several more photo galleries under the heading Canyon of Heroes. I also added another song to the video page, updated the Union Square photo gallery and added newspaper clips to the Contributions Gallery.
On November 22, I added another video to the web site and a few more photographs that were sent to me. The new is very large but very good. Click here to see the newest video.

Can we possibly understand?
I live in New Jersey, a few miles from New York City, but I created this web site to try to show you what was happening in New York City, and how emotional things are near the city. It is hard to imagine what it is like in New York, in fact I did not understand either until visiting myself.

What's here for you to see?
I bring you a few hundred of my own photographs from several Candlelight Vigils that are took place in NYC within the days after the attack. All these photos show how different people are dealing with this tragedy.

The point of view of many Americans has changed, and I'm sure a lot more is to come. We will never forget where we were when we heard about the attack, and how we felt in the hours and days shortly after.

Certainly, everyone has a new tragic memory of the number 911. No longer does it just represent a phone number to call for emergency assistance. Now it will remain with all of us, not as 9-1-1, but 9-11, as in 9/11/01. I found a few 911 drawings, this is one of them here.

The initial idea for this web site was to show photos of the new found patriotism and The American Flag from all around the country. But when I got to NYC I realized this web site had to be more than that. The site is a mixture of photographs of emotions and photographs of this heart felt patriotism that we America's are feeling.

Any emails I have received with images, photos, stories and other articles can be found in the contributions section. This also includes the Macromedia Flash videos I get.

I have a few other people contributing to this web site too. My father, a Viet Nam Combat Veteran, wrote an article for our soldiers that are now mobilizing for combat. Any U.S. Soldiers worried about staying alive, literally, should spend a few minutes and read his article.

I would love to have more people contributing to this web site. I invite anyone to contribute to this web site. Send me you photos with the details of each of them; send me a story about something you saw or did after the attack; send me stories about how you felt. If you are one of the thousands of survivors of the terrorist attack you can send me your story too.




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   by Louis V. Perosi, Jr., Viet Nam Vet.

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   by Dr. Tony Kern, Lt. Col., USAF


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