America Stands Tall

New York City
Fifth Avenue Photographs

Photos by Matthew A Perosi

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P9180743 P9180744 P9180745 P9180746 P9180747
P9180748 P9180749 P9180750 P9180751 P9180752
P9180753 P9180754 P9180755 P9180756 P9180757
P9180758 P9180759 P9180760 P9180761 P9180764
P9180765 P9180766 P9180767 P9180768 P9180769
P9180770 P9180771 P9180772 P9180777 P9180779
P9180780 P9180781 P9180782 P9180784 P9180785
P9180786 P9180787 P9180788 P9180789 P9180790


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