America Stands Tall

Photos from the "Top of the World" Observation Deck.
World Trade Center, June 8, 2001

Photos by Matthew A Perosi

These photos are from the only time I ever visited the World Trade Center
Observation Deck. I annotated the photographs so you would
know what you are looking at.

PIC00001 PIC00003 PIC00004 PIC00005 PIC00006
PIC00007 PIC00008 PIC00009 PIC00010 PIC00011
PIC00012 PIC00013 PIC00014 PIC00015 PIC00016
PIC00017 PIC00018 PIC00019 PIC00022 PIC00023
PIC00024 PIC00025 PIC00026 PIC00028 PIC00029
PIC00031 PIC00032 PIC00033 PIC00034 PIC00035


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