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October 29, 2001

Did you know that New York City has different region
names? You can always tell what region you are in
because the street signs are different colors.
The street signs in Greenwich Village are brown.
I used that example because most people have
heard of "The Village".

When I visited NYC on October 29, 2001 I noticed something
that I thought was amazing. The area where the World Trade
Center once stood is in the financial district of Manhattan,
but the street signs say Canyon of Heroes.

This is the area of Manhattan where they normally hold
ticker tape parades for sports teams, returning soldiers,
astronauts and everyone else of significant importance.
In recent years these parades have been limited to
sports heroes. You can see a ticker tape parade
printed on the street sign.

But to me, this area should now be known for a different
type of hero. The heroes who gave their lives on
September 11th, and the heroes who volunteered their
time and money to help in the aftermath of the day.

This is still a Canyon of Heroes. But to heroes of yesterday
who won sports games are nothing compared to the men
and women who died to save someone else's life, and those
working at Ground Zero.

I find it very odd that none of the news media I have seen
ever notice the street signs in this area.

All the photographs in this section of the web site were
taken on October 29, 2001. I was walking in the Canyon of
Heroes while I took them.


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