America Stands Tall

New York City
Union Square Sidewalk Expressions & Drawings Photographs
Photos by Matthew A Perosi

As you can see from all the other photo galleries, thousands of people were
writing messages of sympathy, saddened, peace, anger and every other
emotion they felt on paper, hanging sheets and anywhere else they could.
Someone brought a roll of butcher paper to Union Square and rolled it out
on the sidewalk. It did not take long for people to drop to their knees and
write messages and draw pictures.

Please take a look at the 2nd and 3rd photos in this gallery, they are of great interest.

P9191257 P9191258 P9191259 P9191260 P9191261
P9191262 P9191263 P9191264 P9191265 P9191266
P9191267 P9191268 P9191269 P9191269-a P9191269-b
P9191270 P9191271 P9191272 P9191273 P9191274
P9191275 P9191276 P9191276-a P9191277 P9191278
P9191280 P9191281 P9191283 P9191300 P9191301
P9191302 P9191303 P9191304 P9191305 P9191305-a
P9191305-b P9191306 P9191306-a P9191307 P9191308


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