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Invasion and Attacks
by Richard Schumm, The Patriot

Received: Friday, 5 Oct 2001 2:46 PM EDT
This is another article reprinted without permission. I
will take it down if someone askes me to.

For almost 2 weeks, from my neighborhood, I have watched the smoke rise from the World Trade Center Attack. Sitting in shock upon hearing at least 11 of the new age Islamic Terrorists came from Paterson, NJ. Was it a flash back to the first attack on the WTC when the terrorists came from Jersey City, NJ.

Wake up, New Jersey, Wake up United States, WE'VE BEEN INVADED! Paul Revere warned the population, the British are coming. Our warning came years ago, remember the WTC bombing, the USS Cole, but this was ignored by our Government, Government agencies and populous.

According to the 2000 census there may be anywhere from 6 million to 11
million ILLEGAL ALIENS in the United States. We are living in a land occupied by 6-11 million possible terrorists. Yes, they have ignored our laws and will continue to drain our society.

The tidal wave continues, we will all drown if action is not taken. In 1996,
the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) estimated that there were
almost 5 million illegals in the U.S. The estimated growth was 275,000 per
year. The 7 states with the largest illegal populations are: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey and Arizona.

We have lost control of our borders, no wonder drugs are rampant and drug
programs a folly for spending our tax money. A disturbing fact, look in your
phone book in the Blue Government section as I did. You can find phone
numbers for welfare but no phone number to report illegal immigrants. Can you
imagine, in New Jersey, ranks 6th in the U.S. for illegals and there is no
phone listing. Who to blame? We can start with the INS District Manager,
Andrea J. Quarantillo. NJ must be a safe haven for illegals and terrorists.

Who else to blame for the invasion of our Country and the attacks that have
begun? The INS has refused or is unable to enforce immigration laws. Our
Federal legislators for the most part support the RIGHTS of the illegals to
be here. Just a few weeks ago, the presidente of Mexico came to the U.S. and
addressed the American people (actually lots of mexicanos) along with our
Congress and demanded that ILLEGAL Mexicans become citizens with a 4-month time limit no less. The invasion of the United States is called la Reconquista. Remember, these illegals do NOT have rights. They are more than
suspects, they are here illegally. It's a privilege for immigrants to be in America. This privilege does not include the Constitutional rights entitled to citizens.

You hear the Politically correct dribble that illegals do the work Americans
will not do. RUBISH. In 1995 the America Immigration Bill was passed ,
spearheaded by President Johnson and ultra extremist Senator Ted Kennedy.
Prior to 1995 there was slow, orderly immigration and consisted primarily of
Europeans. Before this tidal wave of destructive illegal immigration, lawns
were still cut, crops all picked and buildings were built. Is it hate or bigotry to object to the tidal wave of diverse immigration? This country was built upon values and standards, derived from Western culture, having been the source of our American success and freedom. Americans worked together without needing government as a rule-maker and a referee for our activities.

Do you know 90% of all new arrivals are from the Third World. Most are poorly skilled and uneducated. Additionally every year, more than 72,000 aliens are arrested for drug offenses in the U.S. More than 25% of all federal prison
inmates are aliens. Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers over $1.1 billion a

Who benefits? Well, the liberal system consisting of welfare programs, free
education programs (bi-lingual so they never assimilate), WIC programs, free
housing assistance and let's not forget the free medical and drug treatment
all benefit greatly.

What can be done at State and local levels? Start with making sure ALL
government employees are CITIZENS and verify the fact! Maybe, just maybe they will speak ENGLISH. An English only law is long over-do in N.J.

Under the guise of a safer America, liberals require an instant background
check for a citizen to exercise his right to buy a gun. This system should be
used to verify an immigrant's status. If an immigrant is found to be in
America illegally, there will be 14 days till deportation. Appeals can be
heard through your attorney as long as you are deported.

Over the years, the Newark office of the INS has failed to assist NJ Division
of Motor Vehicle about the status of immigrants. Illegals should be arrested
ON SITE for trying to obtain a NJ drivers license. This procedure can be
followed at every welfare office, food stamp office, bank and school if need
be. Immediate arrest and in 14 days deportation.

Limiting immigration is not a new idea, our founding Fathers did not encourage unlimited immigration. George Washington stated that immigration should be limited to "useful mechanics and some particular descriptions of men or professions.

Everyone must remember a point that was made so well by the New York Times in 1924 after the nations first immigration quota law enacted. In March of 1924, The New York Times editorialized: "The country has a right to say who shall and who shall not come in . .. the basis of restriction must be chosen with a
view not to the interest of any group or groups in this country, . . . but rather with a view to the country's best interests as a whole." No immigrant has the right to be in America!

Recently, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals stated that State and Local Police COULD ARREST ILLEGALS. The court stated in reference to a Utah State
Trooper that state and local police had authority to investigate and make
arrests for violations of federal law, INCLUDING IMMIGRATION LAWS. Will our Governor and Attorney General follow this mandate or continue to ignore the INVASION OF NEW JERSEY? In 1996, we had over 135,000 illegals in our State.

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